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A Most Unusual Friday Knight
(Shawn From the Shed, Book 1)

A Most Unusual Friday Knight - cover

History is now in the hands of two orphans, a border collie, and a quirky inventor

For as long as Johnny and Ella have known him, Shawn has been that odd but sad man who lives in the shed at the orphanage run by his iron-fisted sister. Every day, the kids watch from the windows as he walks the dog, fixes things, and takes his sister’s belittling with only a sigh.

Everything changes the night Johnny and Ella decide to investigate lights flashing from the shed. The night they discover Shawn’s time machine, which sends them all to medieval England – to a time of mighty castles, jousting tournaments, and wild animals.

But when they witness the injustice of a greedy lord and his champion knight, a simple jump to the past turns into a seemingly impossible quest to save the lives of innocent villagers – as well as their own. All complicated by Shawn’s odd behavior and terrible manners, leaving it up to Johnny and Ella to teach him how to behave properly.

With a combination of modern technology, ingenuity, and trickery, can two orphans, a dog, and a quirky inventor change the course of history?

Age group: Middle grade (8-12)

Genre: Sci-fi/time travel

Formats: Kindle and paperback

Self-Publishing Review

A heartwarming and time-traveling adventure to the medieval past, A Most Unusual Friday Knight is a charming new middle grade adventure. There are valuable lessons to be learned from these amusing characters, from the duality of independence and loyalty to overcoming insecurities and standing up to bullies. All in all, this entertaining, morality-driven tale is sure to delight young readers.

Reedsy Discovery Review

I like reading books like this. They have the power to be fun and exciting and at the same time educational. Historical fantasies if you will....


I give A Most Unusual Friday Knight (a middle grade time travel novel) by Alan Frost 5 out of 5 stars. For bringing excitement to the Middle Ages and breathing life into history.

Literary Titan Review

A Most Unusual Friday Knight by Alan Frost is wonderfully imaginative and certain parts reminded me a little of the story of Robin Hood but with science fiction elements incorporated into the fantasy tale....


This is an enchanting historical fiction story that will take young readers on a fun and exciting adventure through time.

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