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Time Travelers of the Caribbean
(Shawn From the Shed, Book 2)

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​Sometimes to beat a pirate, you have to become a pirate

To anyone else, it would seem like a perfectly ordinary shed in a perfectly ordinary garden. But to twelve-year-old Johnny and his nine-year-old sister, Ella, it is so much more. After all, this is where their adventures started. This is where Shawn invented the time machine.

Now the machine is ready to take them back to 1699 – to the Golden Age of Piracy – where they soon cross paths with the most dreaded pirate of the Caribbean

In a time when sailors and pirates settled their differences with swords and cannonballs, they find themselves split up, stranded, and with the lives of innocent merchants in their hands. Once again, Johnny and Ella must rely on crafty planning, trickery, modern technology, and Shawn’s incredible inventions, but this time it may not be enough.


Sometimes, to beat a pirate, you have to become a pirate.

Age group: Middle grade (8-12)

Genre: Sci-fi/time travel

Literary Titan Book Award - Gold Winner

Self-Publishing Review

Johnny, Ella, and Shawn return for another century-jumping adventure in Time Travelers of the Caribbean by Alan Frost, a charming and historical MG read with plenty of twists and lessons to be learned.... Subtly laced with historical references, events, and interesting facts, this quick and easy read boasts strong storylines in both timelines, as well as characters with broad emotional spectrums, witty dialogue, and a treasure trove of high-seas action, significantly improving on the first installment of the Shawn from the Shed series.

Reedsy Discovery Review

The only thing I knew about pirates before reading this book was what I saw in movies (Like Pirates of the Caribbean and other swashbuckling tales). However, after reading Time Travelers of the Caribbean I feel like I have learned so much more... I was completely charmed by a book that both entertains and teaches historical facts to children and adults.

Literary Titan Review

Time Travelers of the Caribbean is a fun time travel adventure story that combines sci-fi elements with historical fantasy...


...I was surprised by how quickly this story flew by. I was swept away by the inherent adventure found within the story. The author keeps a consistently high level of intrigue throughout the story that will keep young readers coming back. There are also many lessons and historical facts to be learned throughout the story, which serves to educate as well as entertain readers.

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